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Stephanie is passionate about inspiring, educating, and motivating teachers to implement Developmentally Appropriate Practices with the goal of developing the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills that children will need to experience SUCCESS as 21st Century learners

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Rose A. Kellegher

Counselor, Lincoln Primary School: Anaconda School District

"Stephanie is more than a consultant, she always goes above and beyond and has most assuredly became a part of our school family. She is a breath of fresh air with charisma and a genuine heart. She encourages all staff to identify their strengths and grow their capabilities while keeping the student's learning at the center of instruction. Her wealth of knowledge in research and theory and multitude of past experiences has helped our school to grow and achieve goals we never dreamed possible. What she has brought to our school will live on for many years to come."

BJ Robertson

“I want to thank Stephanie for her time and mentorship in my first year of teaching. The guidance I received through her classroom visits and follow up meetings were extremely helpful. Her instruction, goal setting, and feedback helped me implement bell ringers, the use of timers, improving student responses, group discussion, and exit tickets over the course of the year. She is a tremendous resource with classroom experience and knowledge.”

Hannah Gullickson

Running Start Kindergarten Lead Teacher, Whittier Elementary School

Stephanie Lester is an instructional consultant I wish every program could have. With her knowledge and experience in evidence-based practices for ECE, the teachers she worked with gained valuable instructional methods to improve the quality of their programs. Stephanie also collaborated with the administrators who were able to learn how to carry out her on-site coaching into other grades. Collaborating with Stephanie was instrumental in improving our district's preschool programs with short and long-term goals. The programs would not be to the high standard they are without her guidance.”

Sandy Cade

DPHHS/OPI Regional Specialist

“Teaming with Stephanie to support Montana Preschool Development programs was tremendously successful; her genuine ability to develop relationship based coaching support increased quality of practice and outcomes. Stephanie’s knowledge of content and training & technical skills created effective and successful professional development for leadership and staff.”

D. Swatman-Stewart

Teacher participating in coaching cycles

“I love kids, and I definitely don't want to lose the incredible joy that this profession can bring. I just really appreciated having someone who simultaneously validated how I was feeling, highlighted the strengths seen, and gave actual constructive feedback!  In all honesty I think I'll remember our talk for a very long time. Thank you.”

ECE program testimonial

Brenda Smith

Retired, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

"Stephanie Lester is a true visionary in Early Childhood Education (ECE)!  Her leadership and expertise for ECE programs is outstanding.  She brings quality and expertise  to  program development which consistently leads to success for young learners. Her support to ECE programs  increases the quality of the environment and instruction, which in turn is reflected  in increased student achievement!

Testimonial for Education consulting

Susan Hyder

Educational Specialist

"Stephanie Lester is passionate about science, early childhood education,  and empowering educators. While our director, she built quality and consistency into our early childhood education program by focusing on developmentally appropriate practice and research-based strategies.  Her leadership skills and experience in teaching and mentoring both children and adults enable her to provide highly motivating training that gives participants research based, hands-on activities that motivate our youngest learners.  She never disappoints to entertain, engage, and enlighten early childhood educators!"

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