About Stephanie Lester

Stephanie Lester's 35 years in education include: Preschool, Project-Based Learning Multiage K-1st program, Professional Development Speaker, author, Assistant Principal, ECE Director, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment.

She is currently an educational consultant & a Child and Family Education college instructor. She believes that children learn best when they are engaged in the learning process while participating in developmentally appropriate activities. As the director of a large preschool program, Stephanie successfully planned and implemented program-wide practices that led to a high-quality program.

Stephanie has published two books: Year Round Project-Based Activities for STEM and Science Through the Year. She is passionate about educating and motivating teachers to implement instructional strategies such as explicit, systematic literacy instruction, project-based learning, and science inquiry.

Stephanie Lester holds a MA degree in Ed: Curriculum and Instruction, an administrative credential, a multiple subject teaching credential, a CLAD & CLASS certification, and a program director child development permit.



ECE program testimonial

Brenda Smith

Retired, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

"Stephanie Lester is a true visionary in Early Childhood Education (ECE)!  Her leadership and expertise for ECE programs is outstanding.  She brings quality and expertise  to  program development which consistently leads to success for young learners. Her support to ECE programs  increases the quality of the environment and instruction, which in turn is reflected  in increased student achievement!

Testimonial for Education consulting

Susan Hyder

Educational Specialist

"Stephanie Lester is passionate about science, early childhood education,  and empowering educators. While our director, she built quality and consistency into our early childhood education program by focusing on developmentally appropriate practice and research-based strategies.  Her leadership skills and experience in teaching and mentoring both children and adults enable her to provide highly motivating training that gives participants research based, hands-on activities that motivate our youngest learners.  She never disappoints to entertain, engage, and enlighten early childhood educators!"

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