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Due to my experience as a Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment as well as a member of the Cabinet, I am well qualified to develop, implement and monitor the transition or implementation of a new curriculum school or districtwide.

I successfully implemented Next Generation Science Standards and Common core standards and curriculum including  implementing and monitoring state testing for Lancaster School District. Lancaster School District is an Elementary School district that serves students from PreK to 8th grade and  has 22 schools with a total enrollment of over 15,000

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a vital part of a 21st century education. I have and can provide districtwide leadership for planning rollout and implementation of Next Generation Science Standards. I have provided professional development in the area of project based learning and STEM based practices in early childhood classrooms for nearly a decade both locally and nationally.

As a Consultant for Middle and High school district in Riverside, I facilitated the rollout of NGSS districtwide. Previously I was successful in rolling out pre-K to 8th grade NGSS implementation at Lancaster School District, a district of over 15,000 students.

Guiding Children’s behavior is essential part of creating classrooms and districts that facilitate learning. From my experience as a teacher, administrator and director, I am developed many tools of guidance that I share weekly as a college professor and through professional development and consulting on both the classroom and district level.

As a former Middle School Principal and former Director of an Special Education Early Childhood Program, I have developed behavior plans for individual students as well as developing school wide training on guidance as part of the initial district leadership team for implementation and monitoring Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS).

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Model and support for implementing early literacy strategies in all four areas: speaking, listening, writing, reading. Literacy is a foundational skill that is a predictor of future success, which is why as a director I focused on professional development to create literacy rich classrooms and literacy knowledgeable teachers.

READING RESULTS: Calif. Reading & Literacy Project:   Designed programs that identify, develop and provide effective instruction in ELA for all students, including English Learners and developing readers. Reading RESULTS supports the implementation of CA CCSS Foundational Skills (K-5).

Extensive training received from literacy experts such as Dr. Louisa Cook Moats, Susana Dutro, & Dr. John Shefelbine. Central Valley Region & U.C.L.A – 3/1999 to 7/2006 (teacher/ leader, keynote speaker, explicit, systematic literacy instruction (including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing).

Developed, implemented K-8 district-wide (15,000 students) Reading Results program which provided training to ALL teachers (700+), supported and trained teachers in research-based explicit, systematic literacy instruction & utilization of assessments formatively).

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ECE program testimonial

Brenda Smith

Retired, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

"Stephanie Lester is a true visionary in Early Childhood Education (ECE)!  Her leadership and expertise for ECE programs is outstanding.  She brings quality and expertise  to  program development which consistently leads to success for young learners. Her support to ECE programs  increases the quality of the environment and instruction, which in turn is reflected  in increased student achievement!

Testimonial for Education consulting

Susan Hyder

Educational Specialist

"Stephanie Lester is passionate about science, early childhood education,  and empowering educators. While our director, she built quality and consistency into our early childhood education program by focusing on developmentally appropriate practice and research-based strategies.  Her leadership skills and experience in teaching and mentoring both children and adults enable her to provide highly motivating training that gives participants research based, hands-on activities that motivate our youngest learners.  She never disappoints to entertain, engage, and enlighten early childhood educators!"

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